Friday, February 1, 2013

RIP Sir Paul

Sir Paul Holmes has passed away.

We have already voiced our thoughts at the time he was awarded and invested with his knighthood, so an obituary now would be repetitious. Suffice to say however that he was an outstanding, if at times controversial broadcaster.

We extend our condolences to have wife, his children, his wider family and his friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. May they be consoled that he is now at peace.

Arohanui Sir Paul; rest peacefully.

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Rex Widerstrom said...

I hope you'll forgive me repeating something I've said in the past, KS. Because I think it's worth saying.

When he was interviewed after his investiture he said he wanted to be remembered as "a decent bloke, one who didn't look at a person and decide whether they were guilty or innocent before I had the facts".

I know very personally that alone among his media colleagues that is exactly what he did.

His integrity and humanity lifted him above anyone in media before or since, and blazed a trail for those who worked contemporaneously with him and those who followed.

I don't think it's stretching it to say we will not see his like again.

Thanks for everything Paul.