Thursday, February 7, 2013

That's what friends are for...

Newstalk ZB reports:

Police are hunting for the driver of a car that crashed in the Auckland suburb of Orakei early this morning, leaving the front seat passenger dead.
The passenger was impaled on a fence post after the crash, and it took two hours to extricate his body from the wreckage.
The driver was seen fleeing from the scene.

Now why would you flee from a crash scene when your mate is in a very bad way beside you? With friends like that, who'd need enemies?


P. Goodfella said...

I've scrolled down and down and down and just can't find a single post on how good the Government is doing. Nothing. And from you, a staunch fan of National. Nothing good to blow the trumpet over, nothing at all!

James Stephenson said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't Inv!

PM of NZ said...


You've noticed? The Natz aren't doing a lot of good. Playing Nanny State, pandering to the native vote, raising taxes whilst ditching principles to remain in control.

Whilst they're not going hard out on welfare bludgers as I would like, there is one thing they're very good at present. That's keeping leftards off the Treasury benches.

No matter how dire the NACTional performance might be perceived in practice, being tempted to vote Left, like suicide, is never an option to be contemplated.

Could do much better, but well done the Nats. How's that PG?

P. Goodfella said...

Still can't find any posts, PMofNZ. KS is struggling to find any news at all that's good about National. The proof is there in the "sport is good, Labour is bad, national is...woefully absent" list of posts.

Keeping Stock said...

@ JS - I gave up trying to please everyone a long time ago. And Robert Guyton and his imitators will never be pleased anyway :)