Friday, February 8, 2013

The annual pilgrimage

Politicians make an annual pilgrimage to places like Ratana and Waitangi. Our annual pilgrimage has nothing at all to do with politics; it's far more important than that!

Tonight, we're off to Speedway Central, known in some other parts as Palmerston North. The reason for our visit is one of the biggest and certainly the most unique events in speedway anywhere; the Enzed New Zealand Superstock Teams Championships.

The event has been run at Palmerston North for over 30 years, and the punters come year after year; not just from within New Zealand either. The GB Lions have been a part of the fun for the last five years, and a good number of English supporters have made the trek down under; we had a beer with a couple of them last night, and are meeting others tomorrow to extend some Kiwi hospitality.

The Robertson Holden International Speedway will not be the place for the faint-of-heart tonight and tomorrow night as 13 teams battle for the title. Superstocks are sophisticated purpose-built race cars with powerful V8 motors, robust chassis and top-of-the-line suspension and brakes. And the drivers race for keeps.

The Baypark Busters make a welcome return this year, just as the Wellington Wildcats did in 2012. Both teams are past winners and crowd favourites with a strong following. Their presence adds spice to an already brilliant motorsport event. And around 15,000 punters will pack Arena Manawatu both nights to watch the action, and breathe in the petrol fumes.

So; to whet your appetite (and ours!), enjoy these highlights and big hits from last year's event:


Alan Hudson said...

Can you explain how something can be most unique.It is either unique or it is not.

Keeping Stock said...

The reason for our visit is one of the biggest and certainly the most unique events in speedway anywhere

One of the most unique Alan; but I accept that the sentence is a bit ambiguous.

Lofty said...

A bit envious really KS.
When we lived in the big smoke, SWMBO & I haunted Waikaraka Park every meet for 6 years.
Then we moved to a provincial town far far from a track ;-(

Enjoy the night, the weather will be right.

Keeping Stock said...

Get in the car and drive Lofty; I'm sure you can make it a business trip!

Lofty said...

Ha yes I probably could too KS.

I am tempted but we are going to catch up with very old frien whom we have not seen for a few years, and I am really looking forward to a few quiet bevvies and a BBQ.

Make suer you give us a bit of a report on the occasion though.

Alan Hudson said...

Look uo unique in the dictionary Keeping Stock.It means the only one of its kind.So something is unique or it is not.
There can be no adjectives in front of the word "unique"