Saturday, February 9, 2013

The fittest Cabinet Minister?

Is Nikki Kaye the fittest cabinet Minister of all time? Her Facebook page reports:

Finished the first day of the Coast to Coast yesterday. It was a big day, met lots of nice people on the run, everyone is so supportive.

Happy that I think I am doing better by a bit than my time in 2008. Legs are sore and am really not looking forward to the kayak. Am expecting it to take me a very very long time. Hope there is not too much of a headwind on the old coast road. Next stop Sumner!

Stuff had a story on Ms Kaye's Coast to Coast participation yesterday, and she revealed that she almost withdrew when she was elevated to Cabinet, but decided to continue, even though ministerial duties have severely restricted her training time in the last few weeks.

We have nothing but admiration for those who taken on Robin Judkins' beast of a challenge. We watched the closing stages of the race ten years or so ago as the riders battled their way into a Christchurch nor'easter; a head wind from the time they climbed on their bikes for the final leg. We watched as jellied-legged contestants all but fell off their bikes and wobbled to the finish line to be greeted by the beaming Judkins.

Best of luck for Day Two Nikki; then you can get back to training for your day job!

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bsprout said...

She's doing well but ex Green MP Mike Ward is the only person who has competed in every Coast to Coast since it started, but as he was never a Cabinet Minister your statement is probably correct.