Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whither goest thou Martyn?

Martyn Bradbury has announced that he is emulating the Pope, and quitting blogging at Tumeke from the end of February. He says that there is going to be a major announcement next week, and oddly, his decision to quit blogging was inspired by last year's Labour Party conference.

We're fascinated to see what this "major announcement" is going to be. Are Bradbury and Scott at Imperator Fish going to bury the hatchet (other than between one another's shoulders) and start some joint blogging exercise with Scott providing the satire and Martyn the straight stuff? Or might Mr Bradbury be going into politics? Maybe the inspiration he drew from Labour's conference was how NOT to go about a leadership coup (he's in the Mana Party BTW, so watch your back Hone!).

But whatever course Martyn's career takes, we wish him well. We can't think of many, if any issues we see eye-to-eye on, but we know the effort that blogging requires, and at least compliment him for that.

And if all else fails, real estate seems to be on the up-and-up...

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alwyn said...

Martyn doing the "straight stuff"?
Martyn doing the paranoid phantasy seems a better description.
I really cannot understand someone who, to judge from his photograph, must be about 50 but who continues to label himself with a nickname, "bomber", that any self-respecting 14 year old would be embarassed by.