Sunday, March 17, 2013

Christian Music Sunday - 17 March 2013

We've been a bit slack with these posts this year, for which we apologise.

In Cardiff this morning, the Welsh are celebrating after beating England at the Millennium Stadium to win the Six Nations rugby title. So what better song could we offer than this wonderful hymn (known by the Weslh as Cwm Rhondda), led by the late Sir Harry Secombe with the Treorchy Male Choir:

Doubtless the famous chorus of "Bread of Heaven..." will have rung around the Millennium Stadium this morning as the whole of Wales rejoices in a famous victory. And farmers in the North Island will be enjoying the manna from Heaven falling on parched pastures. Have a blessed day!


homepaddock said...

Keeping it Celtic - It's a Welsh song on St Patrick's Day which my Scottish father would have enjoyed. It was one of his favourites and we carried his coffin out of the church to it.

Keeping Stock said...

Glad that it means something to you Ele.