Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's better to be talked about...

Seven Sharp presnter Greg Boyed must be a devotee of Oscar Wilde; the Herald on Sunday reports:

A tweet by Seven Sharp presenter Greg Boyed about a "chunky" woman he said pushed past him at Wellington airport yesterday sparked a flurry of negative reaction on twitter yesterday.
Boyed's Twitter message - "2 the chunky woman who just elbowed past me at wgtn airport, an 'excuse me' unlike all those double down burgers youre so fond of, is free" didn't appear to go down well with his followers.
The tweet happened to coincide with International Women's Day.
One respondent described it as "cruel, ridiculous fat-shaming".
Another, Chris Henry, tweeted: "Wow, Greg Boyed is absolutely nailing the vibe of International Woman's Day". And, Wendy Smith, tweeted: "Oh dear Greg Boyed /facepalm."
Rose Matafeo, a host of U Live on the TVNZ U channel, replied: "also don't call a woman chunky Boyed, it's so 1994".
TVNZ entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin answered, in what appeared to be banter: "Were you even alive in 1994?? And if so, were you really cognisant enough to be aware of such gender descriptors?"
A statement from Seven Sharp executive producer Raewyn Rasch indicated the network viewed the tweet as thoughtless.
"If Greg had known that his every tweet was likely to be quoted in the Herald he would have put more thought into it," Mrs Rasch said. "Stand by for something more inspiring next time."

Oddly, we thought that Jesse Mulligan was the funny guy of the Seven Sharp team, and the one must likely to upset people. We were wrong!

Still, as Oscar Wilde said all those years ago "It's better to be talked about than to not be talked about", and the Seven Sharp producers will privately be grateful for the extra publicity, given their rather tepid ratings so far. 

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Missy said...

The response of the Exec Producer - "What happens on Twitter should stay on Twitter", seems a little ironic considering Seven Sharp promotes interactivity with the audience via Social Media. It also seems a little hypocritical considering the number of 'stories' the media seem to make out of tweets from famous individuals. Or maybe it only applies when it is a TVNZ presenter tweeting.