Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh dear Mr Shearer

David Shearer has scored a bit of an own goal today, as DPF blogs:

Patrick Gower has tweeted:
David Shearer has corrected MPs Register of Pecuniary Interests after not disclosing United Nations bank account. Says it was mistake.
This means that his declaration to the Registrar has been incorrect for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Mistakes of course can happen, and maybe it only had a trivial amount of money in it, such as $50.
But it would be good to know how material the non-disclosure was and how it was over-looked.
UPDATE: Trevor Mallard blogged in 2010 that Chris Finlayson must be stood down for a minor non-disclosure that year. I can only presume that Mr Mallard regards failing to disclose an entire bank account as far more serious and also warrants a stand down. Also note that the Finlayson incident was entirely technical and non-substantive. What we are still awaiting is how large was David Shearer’s forgotten bank account.
UPDATE 2: NRT on Twitter has pointed out the bank account must have had at least $50,000 in it to be required to be disclosed.

We're sure there's nothing sinister at play here, but errors such as these do nothing for David Shearer's reputation or his credibility as a potential Prime Minister. But we do hope that, for his sake, his United Nations account wasn't with a bank in Cyprus; that would be extremely unfortunate !

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