Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo of the Day - 19 March 2013

Tiger Woods has confirmed that he and world famous skier Lindsey Vonn are an item:

We wonder if Ms Vonn talked to Woods about him being micro-chipped with a GPS so that she can keep track on him.


Eat at Joes said...

WHAT DOES the National Party think it is doing?

As if allowing Peter Dunne to push his doomed Car-Park Tax to the very brink of reality was not crazy enough, John Key’s government is now contemplating the introduction of a Cell Phone, I-Pad and Tablet Tax.

This is madness on stilts.

Mr Key had better pray that the same unholy alliance which brought down the first efflorescence of Mr Dunne’s fiscal OCD, reconstitutes itself to defeat the second.

In fact, the Prime Minister should immediately pick-up his own, taxpayer-funded I-Pad, and send an urgent text to Exeltium’s Matthew Hooton, the EMA’s Kim Campbell and the Unite union’s Matt McCarten, begging them to “Stop us – before we tax again!”

Duncan Brown said...

That's a bit snarky. Given the amount of media coverage re his misdemeanours, one might assume she's going into the relationship with her eyes open