Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quote of the Day - 3 March 2013

From yesterday's edition of The Press:

Labour earthquake recovery spokeswoman Lianne Dalziel has been bumped onto the party's backbenches this week, shocking those who had praised her work in quake-hit Christchurch. The long-serving MP spoke to SAM SACHDEVA about the demotion, the city's recovery and her plans for the future.

From the start, it's clear this isn't going to be a tell-all interview.
"I don't want a headline saying I'm disappointed, I want a headline saying I'm optimistic - that's where I'm coming from."

Less than a week after being dumped from Labour's top 20 MPs, Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel is putting on a brave face.

The week before the announcement, Labour leader David Shearer took her aside for a "long chat" about the decision and explained the need for rejuvenation in the ranks. 

Rejuvenation? Well, Lianne Dalziel DID enter Parliament in 1990, so she has been around for a while. Perhaps though in assessing the need for "rejuvenation", Mr Shearer thought that Annette King had only been an MP since 1993, and conveniently ignored the fact that Ms King had actually entered Parliament six years before Lianne Dalziel, and had served as a Minister in the Lange/Palmer/Moore administration.

Or perhaps Ms Dalziel's demotion has less to do with rejuvenation than it does for her support of the party rank and file's choice for leader, David Cunliffe.

Whaddya reckon?

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