Monday, March 4, 2013

Quote of the Day - 4 March 2013

The verbal battle over the TV series Agent Anna intensifies; this from the Herald:

Actor Roy Billing, who plays Anna's boss, Clint, in the TV One hit comedy series Agent Anna, is defending the programme which is facing criticism from real estate agents.
Barfoot & Thomson managing director Peter Thompson has called it a "load of rubbish" and Real Estate Institute of NZ chief executive Helen O'Sullivan has described the lying, back-stabbing, cheating and promiscuity depicted on the programme as "not real life", despite not having watched the show.
But Billing, who has starred in Hell Has Harbour Views, Packed to the Rafters and Under the Mountain, said: "I have had many dealings with estate agents in New Zealand and Australia, and when I first saw the scripts I thought that many of the real estate scenes read more like a documentary than a fictional TV series, but funny nevertheless.
"Ms O'Sullivan begs to differ and would have us all believe that real estate agents are near sainthood in their business practices, as I am sure all commission sales people are.
"Maybe I, [and] hundreds of thousands of Kiwi viewers, and all of us involved in Agent Anna are missing something here?"


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