Sunday, March 10, 2013

Remember Citizens for Rowling?

We stumbled across the Wise Response website this morning. The purpose of Wise Response seems to be to make us all deeply embarrassed and remorseful for not having tackled things like Global Warming and climate change. Its "Appeal" begins thus:

We live on a biologically complex and exquisite planet, home to 7 billion people and a myriad of other unique life forms.  We believe it is our human responsibility to maintain the integrity of life support systems and the natural processes which sustain and renew them.
We believe it is also our responsibility to fervently defend the basic right of humans to live secure and fulfilling lives consistent with the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  It follows that our generation must satisfy our present material needs in ways that do not diminish the prospect of their realisation for present and future generations.
We are deeply concerned about the links between global climate change, fossil fuel extraction and combustion, and the economy.  We consider the evidence is now overwhelming (refer Urgency below) for accepting that human-induced climate change, (including extreme weather events) and impending oil constraints threaten our ability to meet those environmental and social obligations.
So far, New Zealand has failed to truly face up to such unprecedented threats to its collective security.  Indeed, some policies exacerbate the situation.  There appears to be an unwavering faith that technological fixes will be found in time. Yet with scientists saying critical “thresholds” are upon us, the odds of such solutions being found diminish by the day and the consequences of this faith being ill-founded will, in all probability, be disastrous and irreversible.

A whole lot of supposedly well-known people have signed up to this campaign. And when we saw it, our minds immediately turned back to 1975, when something similar happened.

Citizens for Rowling was designed by ad-man David Exel to get the public to swing in behind then-PM Wallace Edward "Bill" Rowling who was regularly getting savaged by Rob Muldoon. And it's fair to say that it was a hopeless failure as National stormed to a landslide win in 1975. Wikipedia notes:

Despite gaining a lot of press for Labour, the campaign did not succeed, with Muldoon launching a public denial of the claims and stating "The average chap doesn't want to be told how to vote." Muldoon became Prime Minister.

We doubt the Wise Response will do any better. We suspect that the Green Party is behind it, and we wonder who's fitting the bill, because generally when the Greens are involved, the taxpayer is paying. 

And much as we disliked Sir Robert Muldoon in the latter part of his reign, he was dead right about one thing; the average chap (who is probably now Chris Trotter's Waitakere Man indeed does NOT like being told how to vote, and being told what he has to feel guilty about. It's time that the parties of the Left gave the NZ voter, and especially their own supporters credit for having enough nous to actually work these things out for themselves.



awbraae said...

Doubt its a Green Party effort, as Wayne Smith is part of it and he doesn't strike me as a Green at all. If it was Green Party they would have tried to get some MP's publicly campaigning for and supporting the group, like they did with asset sales.

jonno1 said...

I was shocked to see on the first 100 list a couple of names of people whom I know personally, intelligent people too. I was aware of their greenish tinge but not that they had descended so far.

There's a similar outfit in Australia - see - mostly the usual suspects but some odd ones like Westpac Bank and SKM.