Saturday, March 2, 2013

Robyn upsets REINZ

We were never great fans of Robyn Malcolm in Outrageous Fortune. But her latest TV effort, Agent Anna has been mildly amusing; perhaps she's an acquired taste.

But the Real Estate Institute of NZ is even less enarmoued than we are; the Herald reports:

Real estate bosses aren't laughing at TV One's new hit comedy series Agent Anna.
Robyn Malcolm's fledging middle-aged solo mother character from Eden Realty has colleagues who treat her badly as she tries to get listings to make a living in the cut-throat Auckland market.
But plot lines watched by 1.2 million people are not impressing Barfoot & Thompson managing director Peter Thompson or Real Estate Institute of NZ chief executive Helen O'Sullivan.
They are scathing about the antics on Thursday night's show and say it just reinforces negative, often misleading, stereotypes.
"Load of rubbish, to be honest," Mr Thompson said. "It's anti-real estate agents. I would just love to do the same thing for media, TV people, plumbers or politicians. It's disappointing. I find it incredible they can create a TV programme like that. Let's do one on actors!"
Ironically, TV One's website promotion of the comedy links directly to Barfoots' market data information, giving latest sales reported by TV One's news team.
Ms O'Sullivan said she had recorded episodes, had not had the time to watch them but themes of agents in the same firm stealing each other's listings, sleeping with clients and each other and trying to shunt a dishevelled, depressed vendor out of an open-home to make it more saleable all left her cold.
"It's very disappointing because the industry has spent a lot of time and money cleaning up behaviour since the new act came into effect. It will take time before there's an improvement in people's perceptions," she said.
Of the lying, back-stabbing, cheating and promiscuity depicted, Ms O'Sullivan said such a dysfunctional agency would not last long.
"It's TV, it's not real life."

Exactly Ms O'Sullivan; it's TV, it's not real life. But sometimes, when the cap fits, and all that...

Most of us have had experiences with real estate agents that have left us dissatisfied. It's great that the industry has put a lot of work into cleaning up its act, but frankly, it needed to.

In contrast, we have also had some great experiences with estate agents, several of whom we are proud to call friends. They have provided us with excellent, professional service.

Perhaps REINZ should lighten up a little. Being able to laugh at yourself or at your profession can at times be very therapeutic.

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