Thursday, March 7, 2013

That's leadership!

Since he took over as Police Commissioner, we've heard nothing but good words spoken about Peter Marshall. We have several friends in the force around the country, and they all speak highly of their boss.

The Dom-Post has a clue to why:

After 400 metres of running, climbing, and "hanging on like a limpet", the country's top cop came out smiling - and put 294 of his staff to shame.
Commissioner Peter Marshall completed the police physical competency test yesterday and, in doing so, the 59-year-old also showed up the hundreds of officers who were deemed unfit last week to hold frontline posts.
Unhealthy officers were pulled from the line on March 1, when regulations tightened, requiring them to be physically fit for service.
Officers sit the physical competency test (PCT) every two years. They must now hold a current PCT to be allowed on the front line. Those withdrawn from duty must get in shape before they can return to the beat.
"It's certainly not easy," Mr Marshall said.
"It is a substantial test, but it's not beyond the realms of people who are comparatively fit."
The commissioner ran the course in 2 minutes and 56 seconds, earning himself a "gold card". Because he holds a rank higher than inspector, he is not required to pass the test, but wanted to set an example.
"If I can do it, there's no reason why others can't do it. It was a matter of walking the talk. I wanted to be able to look operational staff in the eye and say that I've got it. 

Peter Marshall clearly believes in leading from the front, and after the Howard Broad era, which we are told left many senior police less than enamoured, such leadership is refreshing. During Mr Broad's tenure, Police National HQ became known as Bullshit Castle, but the rank and file are far happier with their new leadership.

Peter Marshall didn't have to take the physical competency test. But his mana amongst his staff will have been greatly enhanced by the fact that he did, passing with flying colours. That's a terrific demonstration of leadership.

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Missy said...

Good on him, I always believed that a good manager/leader is one who will not ask something of those under them they aren't willing to do themselves, so that he did it, despite not being required to is fantastic.

I haven't had anything to do with the Commissioner personally, but have seen him around Wellington, and his demeanor always makes him seem very approachable, and something I witnessed illustrates this. A woman in town was a little lost and so she walked up to a police officer calling him constable to ask for directions, when the officer in question stopped and turned around to give directions, it was the Commissioner, he didn't correct her, but rather smiled and provided the directions she wanted and wished her a good day.