Monday, March 4, 2013

We can't help but wonder...

The Dom-Post reports on the weekend's Homegrown music festival:

Dozens of drunk young festivalgoers - some who had also taken drugs - disgraced themselves before they'd even had a chance to listen to their favourite bands at Homegrown.
From the moment the gates opened, paramedics were inundated with vomiting teenagers who had been pre-loading before arriving at the sellout Kiwi music festival on Wellington's waterfront on Saturday.
About 200 people were treated at the site, mostly for intoxication. Four people were taken to hospital, St John Ambulance said.
Police and one of the event's organisers yesterday lashed out at the youth drinking culture, but there are no plans to make it an R18 festival.
"These guys just go out to get off their face," Inspector Simon Perry said. "It's a continuing issue we face with all these public events with young people drinking heavily before they turn up. 

So we can't help but wonder; just how many of these trashed young people bought their tickets to the sell-out concert at inflated prices from scalpers like TradeMe Trevor Mallard?

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Ratty said...

Inflated prices ?

You have an issue with the Free Market ?

I'd never thought a Whaleophile would out himself a Pinko