Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We can't help but wonder...

David Shearer has made a post-earthquake speech in Christchurch this morning. In it, he says:

We have relied heavily on our MPs – and we are truly fortunate to have dedicated great people: Lianne, Ruth, Clayton, Megan and Rino.
All have been touched by the quakes. Their story is the story of so many others.

So we can't help but wonder; is the Lianne he has "relied heavily on" Lianne Dalziell; demoted from Labour's front bench last week, and relegated to the lower half of a pretty threadbare caucus? Contrast that with the Government, where Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee in the third-ranked of National's caucus of 59.

That being the case, Labour's words on Christchurch and earthquake recovery are the polar opposite of his actions. Given his back-story as a great humanitarian, we frankly expected better of Mr Shearer, as did the overwhelming majority of Christchurch residents we spoke to over the weekend.

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