Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wet, wet, wet

We've just had our wettest day of the year here in Wanganui. According to Metservice, Wanganui was the second-wettest place in the country yesterday with 63.8mm (abour 2 1/2 inches in the old money) in the 24 hours to midnight last night. And we weren't alone:

There was some light rain in the morning, but yesterday afternoon then again last night the heavens opened and there was some very welcome heavy rain as a couple of fronts moved through. They were accompanied by thunder and lightning, especially last night's front. But best of all, there was little wind, the light rain on Sunday had softened the ground enough for the heavy rain to really penetrate, and the weather was very mild, encouraging grass growth.

Yesterday's rain may not have been enough to end the drought, but it will certainly have eased the situation somewhat, filling tanks and dams, and providing a flush of pasture growth. So to hear this morning that typical autumn weather patterns are expected to return next month was good news; farmers especially will be relying on getting some more rain in the next few weeks to stimulate pasture growth before it slows with the onset of winter.

Although the rain is moving out of our part of the world this morning, our friends on the other side of the Ruahines and Tararuas should get a dousing today. Here's hoping that even if this rain is not enough to end the drought, it marks the beginning of the end.



Anonymous said...

Rained all night in the Manawatu...still teeming. I suspect by the time it abates the drought will be over.


PM of NZ said...

Finally - almost 20mm early evening. And then it stopped again. Very little overnight, misty this morning.

Chris Bird said...

We have had 60mm over 2 days in the Sounds, so very welcome. Talked to my son near Reefton last night, they had only had 32mm so they need a lot more. The biggest worry now is that it will turn cold and soil temps will not allow much pasture growth before winter.