Sunday, May 5, 2013

Christian Music Sunday - 5 May 2013

We read a lot of e-books on our iPad whilst we were on holiday. And one book that truly impacted on us was I Still Believe by American singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp.

We hadn't listened to a lot of Camp's music up until then, and we certainly didn't know his story. To paraphrase it, he lost his first wife Melissa to cancer after they had been married for just a few months. After Melissa's death and funeral, Camp went through an understandably rough time until one day he felt prompted to pick up his guitar; he writes:

So that's why I was a little surprised to sense God telling me "Pick up your guitar" on the day I was sitting alone on my parents' couch. First, I was surprised because I sensed those words clearly. Second, I didn't feel I had anything to offer God, or anyone else for that matter, physically or emotionally. Imagine a tire that has no air in it. It's still a tire, but without air, it's useless. I felt like that tire.

After resisting God's urging for perhaps half an hour, I picked up my guitar. Ten minutes later "I Still Believe" was completed.

I sat back on the couch and sighed. In the middle of all my confusion, I felt God's presence. In the middle of my pain, I felt His grace and sensed His mercy.

Here's that song:

We never know who is going to stumble across these posts. But it is our prayer that it won't be wasted today, and that somebody, somewhere will be touched by Jeremy Camp's story, and by the grace that God showed him.

Have a blessed day.

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