Saturday, May 11, 2013

Curran on media freedom

Clare Curran is a Labour MP, and self-described communications expert. She is one of the lead bloggers at Labour's blog Red Alert.

One of her most recent posts there is under the heading "Media freedom an endangered species in NZ"

It's just as well that Clare hadn't included the word "Social" at the start of the title at her post, because she knows a thing or two about social media freedom or the lack thereof. As well as being one of the lead bloggers at Red Alert, she also fills the role of Chief Censor, carefully controlling the discourse.

We fell foul of Ms Curran prior to the 2011 General Election where we were banned for a particularly innocuous and (we felt) flippant comment about Phil Goff's record on asset sales (a record he still holds).  A number of commenters stuck up for us, prompting Ms Curran to defend her decision and make this statement:

Inventory2 was banned for several reasons. He was personally offensive and he lied.

Our comment on that occasion was neither offensive nor untrue, and we were particularly upset by the allegation that we had lied. But that's water under the bridge now two years on; we simply don't bother visiting Red Alert very often.

So we'll leave it up to readers to judge whether the declining media freedoms that Ms Curran laments are in any way inconsistent with the standards that she herself applies at Red Alert, a form of new media.

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