Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Duncan's getting stoned...

No; it's not a replay of the infamous stoning scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian. But Duncan Garner's radio show could be interesting tomorrow; the Herald reports:

He says he wants synthetic cannabis removed from our dairy shelves ahead of their ban in August, so why is Duncan Garner taking the stuff and getting stoned on air?
The drive host will take a form of synthetic cannabis before his RadioLive show tomorrow to test the effects of the legal high, but he told The Diary he'll have a doctor on hand and a colleague on standby to take over the broadcast if the stunt turns pear-shaped.
"I've been campaigning for the last two weeks to get rid of this crap. The Government needs to act more urgently, not waste time getting more tests. I've spoken to parents who have kids checked into mental health units after experiencing psychotic episodes on this stuff. It's bad."
An American scientist behind synthetic cannabis said this week the products should "not be used for recreational use". Emeritus Professor John Huffman said "the effects in humans have not been studied and they could very well have toxic effects".
That's not stopping Garner. "I'm broadcasting under the influence," he told The Diary excitedly. "Who knows if there'll even be a show! It could all turn to custard."

Duncan Garner has been campaigning against synthetic cannabis for some time now, and we agree with his campaign. We have a couple of friends whose children have dabbled in the legal highs along with their peers, and the results have been distressing. High-achieving, honest children have turned into little monsters, causing significant family issues. Fortunately, both families have been able to break the cycle with the help of professionals, and with input from the police. 

So whilst this is a bit of a publicity stunt by Garner, his heart is in the right place. Some may argue that there may not be much difference between a stoned and a sober Garner (and Garner himself is worried that it might be his best show yet!), but we couldn't possibly comment! We will however tune in tomorrow afternoon and see how it all pans out.


James Stephenson said...

I heard him a couple of times on his soapbox about these substances, and I do agree that we shouldn't allow products to be sold that manufacturers can't show to be safe (for a certain value of 'safe', anyway).

He has, however, advanced no sensible reason why we should not make it legal for people to grow cannabis for themselves (say a limit on 2 plants) whilst maintaining a ban on supply.

To my mind that would be the quickest and surest solution to removing the demand for these synthetic copies and probably putting a sizeable dent in Gang incomes as well.

Murray said...

One recalls the evening that Karen Hay and Andrew Fagan attempted a similar "experiment".

I don't think Duncan has much to worry about it being his best work.