Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh dear; oh dear; oh dear

There's not going to be a referendum on asset sales any time soon. Despite employing signature gatherers on the taxpayer coin, Labour and the Greens have come up 16,000 signatures short of the number required to trigger a referendum.

This is a huge blow to the credibility of Labour and the Greens. Already one left-leaning Twitter user we follow is making piss-up/brewery references. The early estimate from the Office of the Clerk is that there are 100,747 bogus signatures, duplicates, or signatures unable to be verified on the electoral roll.

So much for Labour and the Greens' claim that they had nearly 400,000 signatures. More than a quarter of them have proved to be false.

Labour and the Greens now have two months to collect the necessary numbers. But the horse has bolted, and Mighty River Power shares will be listed on Friday, even after Labour and the Greens's last-ditch attempt to undermine the value of the shares.

The piss-up/brewery analogy is a good one, but we'd lean on a more recent one. We wonder if Gareth Hughes will need to call out during an interview "Hey Clint; are we pleased about coming up 16,000 signatures short?".

UPDATE: Here is the media release from the Office of the Clerk:

CIR Petition of Roy Reid

CIR Petition of Roy Reid
Petition of Roy Reid under the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993 asking if an indicative referendum should be held on the following question:
“Do you support the Government selling up to 49% of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand?”
The Clerk of the House of Representatives Mary Harris has today certified that this petition has lapsed because she cannot be satisfied that the threshold required by the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993 has been met. The Clerk has been assisted in reaching this conclusion by advice from the Government Statistician.
Before a citizens initiated referendum can be held, the Act requires the Clerk to be satisfied that the petition has been signed by 10% of eligible electors as at the date the petition was delivered to her. The petition was delivered on 12 March 2013.
Advice received from the Electoral Commission indicated that 308,753 valid signatures were required for the petition to meet the threshold required by the Act.
Upon receiving the petition the Office of the Clerk undertook a counting and sampling process. Once the signatures had been counted, a sample of signatures was taken using a methodology provided by the Government Statistician. The sample was then checked by the Electoral Commission to identify how many signatories were eligible electors as at 12 March. Some signatories could not be found on the electoral roll, either because they were not enrolled or because the identifying information they supplied was insufficient or illegible. Some duplicate signatures were also identified.
The results from checking the sample were then analysed by the Government Statistician, who is confident that the petition has not succeeded in meeting the threshold. It is short by approximately 16,500 valid signatures.
The Act provides that if the promoter wishes to resubmit the petition he has two months from today to collect additional signatures.


James Stephenson said...

Hey Clint! You've got your work cut out spinning this one old son...

Keeping Stock said...

I reckon James. He's trying his damndest though.

Pretty Penny said...
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Keeping Stock said...

Take your trolling elsewhere Pretty Penny

Lofty said...

"Snort & Chuckle"


rusty gormless esq.

Glenn said...

Well dang!!
My scheme to sabotage the lefty asset protectors has worked.
Hope you all did as I did and sign as many dodgy signatures as possible.
Heh. I know *you* would've Mister Blogger. And good people like us. Peole who have the cash and deserve more. That's how it works. Silly lefties.
Mission complete. Now to do it all again for the next two months. I want my shares! bugger the majority of ya. I've worked hard out to earn that right to taxpayer assets.

I'm off to interrogate a morepork.



Lofty said...

Nice pisstake Robe..oops Glenn, but you let the guard slip in the latter part.
I enjoy your nonsense, but do try to do better in future mate.

Isn't it too cold down there for the poor old Ruru?

bsprout said...

Both sides have had a battering over the asset sales. It has been a battle for National to ram the policy past negative opinion polls, legal challenges by Maori, 99% of submissions to the enabling legislation (1,400) being against and differing advice from Treasury. It has also been a challenge to keep collectors motivated to keep collecting signatures over several months. Very few petitions have collected this many signatures, no matter how popular.

While it would have been nice to have collected all the signatures in one go and it will need another short push. The Government on the other hand have had many more barriers to overcome. It actually may be nice to actually have the referendum to see how close the battle actually was.

bsprout said...

I can't believe I used the word actually three times in one sentence, I'll have to cut down on my wine consumption.

Keeping Stock said...

You're channeling John Key bsprout!!

Oddly though, I don't think that National has had as big a battle as you suggest. We'll probably know on Friday, when the MRP shares are floated.

lovinthatchangefeeling said...

#HeyClunt thousands of those signatures like Rustle Gnorman, Wussel Norml, Rufus Paynter and even ROD DONALD were not accepted in the petition. Are we pleased?

Nice of the gween apologist bs to explain how hard it is to get even legitimate signatures for the political party inspired rort. No sign of the other gormless watermelon, bubba gayton?

BTW Mr Sprite I read that you like a bit of political satire. Am sure you will love this :-)


The gweens: they claim to be green because they are too YELLOW to admit that they are RED!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day the lefties are totally wrong on this one. As a taxpayer I contributed to the acquisition of the state owned assets and when I am offered the chance to enjoy a paltry % of their ownership, why shouldn't I? What right have these idiots got to oppose this? None! Their despicable arrogance is astounding.


Danny O'Rakle said...

@Lofty. Maybe you missed this earnest entreaty addressed to you a few weeks ago.

"robertguyton said...
Lofty, my taunting-on-blogs days are over. I've farewelled Homepaddock and several other blogs some weeks back and haven't returned, while kept on here under various thinly-veiled disguises (surprise!)believing that I was adding some colour, but I was wrong and eventually tired of the "bugger-off Guyton" responses. In this parting brief, I'm going to truthfully claim that I have never believed I had a right to comment here, I just did so to be cheeky. At the same time, being banned for my 'contributions' strikes me as infantile (sorry KS) and only provoked infantile responses (sorry everyone else:-)
Bully? I'll never accept that, Lofty, though I can see that you and KS believe it to be the case. I guess that's one of those 'bloggy' phenomenon that can't be cleared up through the medium.
KS, where you see 'snide' and 'small-minded', I see mischievous and we'll never see eye-to-eye on that. You champion Farrar and his 'fomenting happy mischief', but can't tolerate it in someone from 'the other side'. That interests me greatly, but from here on in, I'll keep my mischief-making to other forums.
I liked to think that without my counter-comments and those of Edward et all, your blog would become as dull as dishwater, but that was my arrogant mistake. You and your National Party supporting commentators provide an 'O-is-for-Oresome' site where the truth about politics in New Zealand is there for us all to see.
(My wee grandson's name, btw, is Leo. Leo Archer Guyton.
Watch that space.)

naku noa
Robert Lance Guyton

March 30, 2013 at 1:13 PM"

Keeping Stock said...

To be fair to Lofty though Danny, Robert has made that promise before, and not kept it.

But in the meantime, I hope that the onset of the southern winter has not been to much of a shock to young Leo's system. I wish the whole Guyton clan well.

Danny O'Rakle said...

Surely not the same Robert Guyton who criticised Alison Timms with this - " ........she decided she wasn't subject to the same requirements for honesty as the rest of us are...." ?

southern sting said...

Wasn't Alison Timms just a talkback radio caller using a nom de plume?