Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Civilian on Chinese food and other xenophobic things

The Civilian is in fine form in the wake of a certain politician's speech to the elderly in Auckland yesterday; check this out:

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has told a North Shore Grey Power meeting this afternoon that he has learned how to cook “that Chinese rubbish, or whatever it is these kids like to eat,” thus removing any possible need for Chinese immigrants to enter the New Zealand economy.
He said he felt that learning to cook sweet and sour pork and “that cashew stuff” was a necessary measure after successive governments failed to crack down on what he says is an “out of control” Asian immigration problem.
“We’ve been warning them about this for two decades now, but they never bloody well get it right,” he said. “If you think Mr. Key and his cronies are going to pony up and do what’s right by real New Zealanders, then by golly, you’ve got another thing coming.”
He then donned an apron and used a small portable stove to demonstrate the cooking of egg foo young.
“See?” he said. “I can make it fine. There’s no bloody need for them to do it.”
Peters then walked outside and proceeded to offer his moderately burnt creation to passing pedestrians and motorists.
“Come and get it!” he yelled, throwing the food at moving vehicles. “It tastes fucking terrible.”
Peters added that he was considering starting a prostitution ring “so no one needs the Chinese to do that, either.”

This is great stuff from The Civilian, and is bound to be the topic of discussion in all the 150 Asian restaurants in Dominion Road that said politician was so upset about last year.

And laughing at the politician is now probably the best way to treat him. We abhor his xenophobia, especially as we are rather partial to a feed of sweet and sour pork. or an Asian seafood or duck meal. A mixed grill at the Green Parrot is fine every now and again, but variety is the spice of life, and the diverse range of ethnic foods available in Auckland and right around New Zealand these days certainly provides variety!


Anonymous said...

Yeh, Winston is sadly marketing NZ First on xenophobia KS (though I don't think Winston actually believes that stuff himself), but ...

... surely NZ should not run our immigration policy on your last paragraph? (surely in jest?) Novelty consumerism may demand a constantly revolving feast of 'new' cultures to give 'new' food to eat, 'new' clothes to goggle at and buy, 'new' music and art to watch and listen to, etc, but that doesn't make for stable employment and it doesn't help existing Kiwis earn a living.

Bring people in to fill real shortages, not 'skilled migrants' who are selling discount liquor next week, as is all too prevalent in Auckland now. Or 'students' who work for $8 an hour delivering pizza (personal example - met the young Indian fella when he ran out of gas; boss is from his culture so he dares not go to union or Employment Relations Authority).

And I used to work with an Asian woman who breached her work visa conditions. She went straight on to work on NZ Passport control!@#! Gotta do something to curb this kinda stuff. Don't blame all migrants, but there are dodgy values being imported.

Mad Marxist.

Mike Kenedy said...

I really appreaciate how he showed that they can stand on their own without the help of any Asian countries. I wonder what's the reaction of China about this act?