Thursday, June 20, 2013

Body on Norman

Herald cartoonist Guy Body is filling on on weekdays at the moment for our fave cartoonist, Rod Emmerson. But Body has produced a doozie this morning:

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we won't waste any more commenting on this one!

Meanwhile, any readers wanting a wee giggle at the Greens' expense could do far worse than pay a visit to The Civilian...


bsprout said...

I also had a chuckle at this contribution :-)

Carlos said...

As someone who despises John Key, you would have particularly enjoyed this Campbell line, bsprout.

b. “After a pleasant afternoon of tongue-kissing insurance lobbyists, John Key had a good night’s sleep, before going into Breakfast TV the next morning for a round of hippie punching.”


Keeping Stock said...

Gee; that was in the link from Campbell that bsprout placed, eh Carlos? I think our Green friend needs to reacquaint himself with the Greens' values before he link-whores, especially #6:

6: Engage respectfully, without personal attacks