Sunday, June 16, 2013

Christian Music Sunday - 16 June 2013

Friends got some dreadful news this week that has shaken them to the core.

One thing that we can offer them is prayer, and already one very specific prayer request has had a positive outcome.

We don't know where these friends stand with God, but they're certainly in the midst of a very dark storm at the moment. We'll put our faith and trust on their behalf though in a God who we know is in the business of miracles. And after a bit of searching, we came up with this Casting Crowns song this morning:

Even when it's dark and the storm is raging all around you, God is there. We hope that this brings comfort to our friends, and to anyone else who may be feeling alone and trapped at the moment.


Tim said...

You must caveat all of this with "I believe..." Or "I've been taught.." You keep stating the existence of God as fact, as if you 'know', and it is something that is not fact. You have decided to believe, which is quite different.
It's offensive to many who stand in a dark storm not with your belief stated as fact, but with their own truth.

My father is one such person. I wish him a speedy recovery, and will nurse him to the best of my ability. He does not want or need prayer.

Keeping Stock said...

Thanks for your comment Tim. These posts are not intended to be offensive. In contrast, I have had a number of positive comments from people with whom particular sentiments have resonated.

I wish you and your father well.

lex said...

"You must caveat all of this with"...................
Why Tim?
Its his blog.
You seem easily offended. Perhaps you should stay in the dark room you inhabit.