Thursday, June 6, 2013

Comments of the Day - 5 June 2013

It hasn't been a great week for Dr Russel Norman and his Green Party, and these comments that appeared on different threads on Kiwiblog yesterday illustrate why. As you will see, they are not from the kind of people you'd expect to be criticising the Greens.

The first one suggests that there is a dearth of scientific knowledge amongst the Green MP's: check this out:

magsta (46) Says:
I suppose I should be a natural candidate as a Green… having spent my youth wandering around the bush, picking up a Ph.D in plant ecology along the way… but like Akld Comm. Lawyer, I’m appalled at the scientific ignorance of most of the members of NZ’s Green Party. As a recent example MP Jan Logie wrote in Frogblog (May 27th)… that NZ’s farming economy was built up on the exploitation of cadmium from Nauru. How can anyone in NZ talk about our farming economy without having a passing general knowledge of fertilisers. And surely a green politician should know the difference between heavy metal contaminants and essential elements for plant growth? Don’t they teach CHONPS in 5th form Science anymore???
(Dr) Maggy Wassilieff

But if that's now bad enough, there's worse to come. Is anyone else like us old enough to remember the Values Party, the darlings of the 1970's out of whom the Green Party was spawned? Have a read of this:

Alan Wilkinson (1,544) Says:
@ross69, obviously someone needs to take you aside and explain the difference between humour and invective.
As a former co-leader of the Values Party I am sorry to say that the Greens under Norman and Turei are an intellectual and ethical disgrace to the original foundations of the movement. They are utterly unscrupulous fanatical Reds, not Greens. Their strategy and objectives are entirely Red – Green is just a useful tactic.

"An intellectual and ethical disgrace to the original foundations of the movement"; that is truly biting condemnation. But will it be enough to stop Dr Russel Norman from his one-man play-the-man mission? Somehow, we doubt it. 

We know a few genuine Green Party members. We disagree completely with their politics, but on a personal level they are entirely decent folk. But we know that they too will not be happy with the image that Russel Norman is creating for the Greens, and as we have seen in the Labour Party in the last few years, when the rank and file gets restless, it can all turn to custard very quickly.

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