Monday, June 24, 2013

Preparing the world...

It seems that the announcement of the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela is not too far away; Stuff reports:

Ailing anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela has taken a turn for the worse in a Pretoria hospital.
The former South African president's condition has deteriorated and local media are reporting his status as "critical". - a major South African news website - has reported Mandela had worsened over the past 24 hours.
President Jacob Zuma, along with ANC Party deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa visited the former president in hospital overnight (NZ time), the news agency reported.
Mandela's medical team briefed them on his condition.
"The doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and are ensuring that Madiba is well-looked after and is comfortable. He is in good hands," said Zuma. 

It's hard to escape the conclusion that Nelson Mandela's final illness is being carefully stage-managed by the South African president. Mandela is revered by South Africa's black population even though it is many years since he stood down as president, he is largely regarded as the glue that binds South Africa together, and as a moderating influence to those who advocate more radical transformation.

UPDATE: You can read Jacob Zuma's media statement here

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