Thursday, July 25, 2013

UPDATED: A call to the blogosphere; dob 'em in!

UPDATE: The internet has been put to good use again; the Herald reports:

Police say they have identified three people linked to a brazen theft from a Wellington cafe after Sunday's magnitude 6.5 earthquake.
Mojo State has been flooded with messages, calls and emails after it released CCTV images of four young people stealing the safe from the cafe in the State Insurance Tower on Willis St at 12.20am on Monday, about seven hours after the tremor.
The "low-life'' offenders, whose faces were clear in CCTV images posted on Facebook, have been condemned by social media users.

That's great news. This was a particularly opportunistic, mean-spirited crime, and we hope that the book is thrown at the young offenders with a degree of judicial force.


Four young people burgled a Wellington cafe in the early hours of Monday morning, whilst emergency services were busy with the aftermath of Sunday evening's earthquake. A safe with around $1300 in it was stolen.

One has already been spoken to by the police, but others have thus far evaded capture. So if you know who these young women are, let the police know.

Ain't CCTV wonderful?


bsprout said...

Good gracious, they're not male or Maori. If they are caught I wonder what their sentences will be?

Keeping Stock said...

Are you racial profiling bsprout?

nellie said...

I would say the Ngati Toa on the sleeve may indicate otherwise Mr Sprout. Just sayin..

Keeping Stock said...

Good eyes Nellie!

Armchair Critic said...

Demonstrating that surveillance doesn't prevent crime, it provides proof that the crime occurred and helps identify the offenders.

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diplexia said...

@ Nellie...that's gold.

I like the bit from his melon bio...'Worked as a self-employed artist for several months in the UK between teaching jobs' Not only wise but worldly too...