Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bad luck Winston; how about an apology...

Winston Peters' loathing of Peter Dunne saw him complain to the Police over an alleged GCSB leak. But Peters has drawn a blank; the Herald reports:

Police will not progress a complaint from New Zealand First leader Winston Peters about the leaking of a report into the GCSB.
In a statement issued today, Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess said police had decided not to take any action over the complaint about the leaking of the report Review of Compliance at the GCSB to Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance.
Mr Peters made his complaint under the Crimes Act and the Summary Offences Act.
"After considering the information presented by the complainant police are satisfied that no offence is disclosed and that further investigation will fail to provide evidence leading to a prosecution under either piece of legislation,'' Mr Burgess said.
"Police consider this matter ended unless additional information becomes available which might warrant further assessment.''

Winston Peters of course implied that he had seen or had knowledge of the e-mail correspondence between Peter Dunne and Andrea Vance. Having been unable to put up, he would now be well advised to shut up. He was very hasty in his complaint to the police, but he seems to have forgotten that the police deal with evidence, not innuendo and unsubstantiated rumours.

Just as the Speaker last week ruled that there was no question of privilege against Dunne as alleged by David Shearer, Peters' complaint to the Police has been swiftly dismissed. And let's not forget that Green Party co-leader Russel Norman was originally calling for the release of the e-mails in question, before he suddenly realised what the consequences of that might be and had a change of heart.  

Winston Peters however invested the most in this case. Another of his wild accusations has been unable to be substantiated. He owes Peter Dunne an apology.


Pete George said...

Campbell: What proof do you have of that?

Peters: Well the same proof that’s behind my making the statement on day one, and I live and die by what I say on this matter, and every day you’re hearing more.

Keeping Stock said...

It's probably a bit drastic calling for Winston Peters to die over this Pete. I'd be satisfied with an apology, or perhaps a pledge to exit politics at the next election ;)

Lofty said...

Do not hold your breath KS as you will see no apology from the old narcissistic bludger.

Edward the Confessor said...

Peter Dunne is our very own version of Edward Snowden, sticking it to the man because he so believes in the fundamental human right of all MPs to keep shit secret when it's embarrassing.

Given is heroism and all, what was the terrible lapse of judgment that led to his resignation though, Pete? Hm? Seems a bit odd that he should resign over being a hero.

Penny said...


Do you have a micro-penis?