Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's about trust...

Remember 2008? Helen Clark's catch-cry for the General Election was that "It's about trust.". Thankfully, the voters trusted John Key much more than they did Miss Clark, because Labour is showing that it still can't be trusted; Radio New Zealand reports:

Infrastructure investor Infratil says the Labour Party's portrayal of how much New Zealand electricity prices have gone up in the past three years is misleading.
A graph on Labour leader David Shearer's Facebook page - using Government data for 14 countries - shows New Zealand was one of only two where electricity prices rose between 2009 - 2012.
Bruce Harker, the head of Infratil's manager's energy team and TrustPower chairman, said the list of countries put forward by Labour omits Australia, where electricity prices have risen much more than in New Zealand.
Dr Harker said the comparisons being made are misleading and although if it's converted to New Zealand dollars it appears the electricity price has fallen in other countries, the reason for that is that the New Zealand dollar has appreciated so much over that period of time.
He said consumers in Britain, Denmark or Norway would say their prices have gone up 15% - 20% in that period.

We see; Labour has:
  1. Left Australia off the list because the Australian numbers didn't suit its narrative, and
  2. Done some creative accounting with exchange rate fluctuations
Ought we be surprised that Labour has fudged the numbers? You might be, but we most certainly aren't.

And Labour's finance spokesman has had to make a damaging admission; read on (our emphasis added):

Labour finance spokesperson David Parker, a former minister of energy, concedes power prices have gone up more in other countries than in New Zealand.

Well, well, well. New Zealand power prices aren't as bad as Labour is making out. Not content with stripping millions of dollars off the value of Mighty River Power shares along with their new-found best friend Dr Norman, Labour continues to peddle outright lies about power prices.

And don't forget the porkie-by-omission as well; any gains from the LabourGreen NZ Power proposal (and it is far from certain that there would ever by ANY gain) will be eroded by the impost to households of a LabourGreen Emissions Trading Scheme which will be far more penal than National's ETS, especially towards the productive sector. Of course, you'll never hear that from Messrs Shearer, Parker and Norman.

It was all about trust in 2008, and the electorate trusted National. The voting public gave National an even bigger tick in 2011, whilst Labour recorded its lowest percentage of the popular vote in 70 years. It would seem that almost five years on, Labour has still not taken heed of Helen Clark's "It's about trust" declaration. 

Still, who needs the electorate to trust them when they can simply adopt a Man-Ban policy, and solve all of life's little ills?


meow said...

Pardon the language, but this sort of thing from Labour really pisses me off.

They're welcome to campaign on a policy no mater how retarded it is, just don't lie to make it sound better.

What's even more annoying is that the core constituents for Labour don't care that the party is lying to them, but they get incredibly hysterical at any perceived inaccuracy coming from the right.

The rabid mongrel infatuation shown by Labour supporters for the party beggars belief and borders on a personality disorder.

Edward the Confessor said...

"they get incredibly hysterical at any perceived inaccuracy coming from the right."

You mean they don't like the Prime Minister and his Ministers telling lies? How outrageous!! They must be mentally ill, you're right.