Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quote of the Day - 7 July 2013

John Armstrong joins the chorus of those totally dismissive of Labour's proposed Man-Ban:

Labour seems to be doing its best to oblige. When you are in a hole, you can rely on Labour to dig itself into an even deeper one beside you - as it did this week with its shoot-yourself-in-both-feet potential change to party rules to allow women-only candidate selections.
This was not solely political correctness gone stark-raving bonkers. Apart from alienating one group of voters who have drifted away from Labour in recent years - men - such a rule change would be just as insulting to women in insinuating they could not win selection on their own merits.
The proposal should have been kiboshed by the leader the moment he saw it. That he didn't - or felt he couldn't - points to deep schisms in the party.
The message voters will take from Labour's warped priorities is that of a party which cannot get its act together in the snoozy backwaters of Opposition, let alone in the blazing sun of Government.

From right across the political spectrum, Labour has been given a right good kicking this week, and justifiably so. The Man-Ban is political correctness on steroids; just the sort of thinking that saw Labour kicked out on its ear in 2008.

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