Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whodunnit? Part 8/34

Welcome to the second week of our Whodunnit? series. We are working our way down Labour's caucus list to help David Shearer find the disloyal MP who gave Patrick Gower a big scoop.

Phil Twyford is the MP for Te Atatu. His main claim to fame is carrying the nickname Shadow Minister for the Homeless, a reference to the number of candidate selections he had to endure before finally winning one; Te Atatu was a case of fourth time lucky! We bet that Phil is glad there wasn't a Man-Ban in place in Te Atatu, or he may still be walking the streets looking for an electorate to call home!

However our research suggests that Mr Twyford is one of the few Camp Cunliffe supporters left in the Labour caucus. Patrick Gower was emphatic when he broke the Shearer story; his source was a Shearer supporter. Unless Phil Twyford has changed camps, he's probably off the hook. But given that he is part of a Service and Food Workers' Union troika (along with Darien Fenton and Louisa Wall), we think that is unlikely.

Phil Twyford gets a 2/10 on our probability scale. There are far more likely candidates than him to have been so openly disloyal to their leader.

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