Friday, August 2, 2013

Peters cops a serve

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has dished Winston Peters a taste of his own medicine. Woodhouse has put out a presser in which he describes allegations by Peters as "out of touch with reality"; the Beehive website reports:

Michael Woodhouse

1 August, 2013

Peters loses the plot says Woodhouse

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse says the latest tirade from Winston Peters shows the New Zealand First leader is clearly out of touch with reality.
Currently in China meeting with senior government officials, education leaders and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offices, Mr Woodhouse said suggestions his trip was courtesy of China Southern Airlines were absolutely untrue.
“Mr Peters has absolutely no basis for making this statement and is either deluded or is being deliberately misleading. Either way, serious questions should be asked of him,” Mr Woodhouse says.
“Mr Peters continues to claim applications are being stockpiled by INZ which is blatant rubbish, designed to stir the embers of xenophobia for political ends and he should be ashamed of himself.”

This is great stuff from Michael Woodhouse. He will be well aware that his portfolio is one that is of more than passing interest to the ageing NZ First leader, but has sensibly decided that he is not going to put up with any of Peters' nonsense.

And Woodhouse makes the point that his trip to China is proving very successful, which will doubtless aggravate Peters even more; read on:

Mr Woodhouse says his trip to China has been extremely successful in strengthening ties between the two countries.
“The China market is an important part of New Zealand’s future economic success. It is important that we continue to develop relationships in China that will help strengthen ties and contribute to more jobs and higher wages for New Zealanders.
“I’ve been very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of our Immigration offices in Beijing and Shanghai and I remain upbeat about the prospects in tourism, trade and education with China.”

The relationship between New Zealand and China is hugely important. That Winston Peters will do anything that he can, including making stuff up, to undermine that relationship is telling. Michael Woodhouse has done us all a service by calling Peters on his mischief-making.

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