Friday, August 23, 2013

We can't help but wonder...

Early in July, Cameron Slater broke the story of Labour's Man-Ban. On this occasion, the NZ Herald was sufficiently gracious to give him credit for a significant political scoop; check this out:

The Labour Party is set to introduce a new rule under which electorates will be able to prevent men from seeking selection as a candidate by restricting it to women only.
A copy of the draft rules were leaked to blogger Whaleoil and include a provision: "An LEC [Labour Electorate Committee] may request that NZ Council determine that only women may nominate for the position of Labour candidate for their electorate."
Labour's secretary Tim Barnett confirmed the rule change was included in the changes the NZ Council hoped to get approved at the party's annual conference in November. The proposal was from a working party set up after last year's conference, at which the party had set a target of 50 per cent female representation.

Labour copped an absolute shellacking in the media, on social media and in the blogosphere, and rightly so. And because it took David Shearer five days before he flip-flopped and declared the Man-Ban to be off the agenda, the party was damaged in the polls. It is ultimately poor poll ratings that has cost David Shearer his job.

Someone else will be the Labour Party leader come the party's annual conference in November. So we can't help but wonder; given the roles of Maryan Street and Ruth Dyson in harnessing caucus discontent with Mr Shearer, might the Man-Ban be back on the agenda now?

Whatever would Waitakere Man make of that? We guess now that all those who stick their hands up for Mr Shearer's job are going to face significant scrutiny on issues such as the Man-Ban

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