Sunday, September 8, 2013

Advantage ETNZ

Quintin Hogg will be delighted and relieved; Emirates Team New Zealand has won the first race of the 34th America's Cup match in convincing fashion.

They lost the lead in the upwind leg after a great start, but sailed over the top of the Oracle boat showing better speed upwind. That bodes well for the rest of the match.

Race Two starts soon, but we'll miss the end of it. Here's hoping that when the boats are put away for the day ETNZ will need seven more wins and the Oracle team will still need eleven.

It's a great spectacle; that much is for sure!


Whafe said...

Indeed only 7 more wins needed KS.

More of a subdued second race, compared to the first race... Fantastic none the less.

ETNZ were faultless....

ETNZ + 2
Cheating Oracle - 2

gravedodger said...

A very impressive first and second up for Emirates TNZ, Emirates and the other sponsors must be chuffed, I know I am feeling good now the nerves are settled.

That dump off the foils for Oracle is a reminder of how quickly it can go wrong at >80 KPH.

jabba said...

not wrong there about the sponsors GD.
The 1st race was amazing .. fantastic.
The 2nd race clearly showed that Oracle knew they were up against it and dollars to donuts they will attack the NZ boat tomorrow going for penalties.

Keeping Stock said...

ETNZ was faultless in that second race; a very impressive performance. The two boats seem pretty even downhill, but ETNZ has a clear speed advantage up-wind, and that is where races will be won. And Barker is an absolute master at the race starts.