Sunday, September 15, 2013

David Cunliffe's Greatest Hits

In applauding David Cunliffe's victory in #Labour'sGotTalent, here's a mash-up of some of his most memorable moments along the way:

We've heard that his debut single is due for release on Tuesday at 2pm, in no less hallowed a place as Parliament's Debating Chamber. Prime Minister John Key has even delayed his trip to Europe so that he can attend the launch.

It should be fun!

Hat-tip (for the video): Whaleoil


bsprout said...

I can see the 2014 campaign is going to be one firmly grounded in facts, evidence and debate around policy. ;-)

Keeping Stock said...

I'm sure it will be bsprout. But given that it's only September 2013 and the election is more than a year away, let's just have some fun :-)

Palmers said...

looking forward to watching a Party leader rule when he knows that the vast majority of his caucus oppose him as Leader. I give it 6 months.


Anonymous said...

that was really well done.
fun and games from here on in.
DC actually may just be able to dethrone Key,he seems to have the same sort of public support.
and he realy really wants the top job.