Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emmerson on the Red Twerkers

Herald cartoonist Rod Emmerson's offering last week of the Three Amigos was very, very good. But he has excelled himself this morning as he has brought #Labour'sGotTalent right into the 21st century. 

We do however urge caution in viewing for those with delicate stomachs, especially when looking at the Twerker on the right!

This is a stellar piece from our favourite cartoonist. Here's hoping that the Three Twerkers are in Parliament this afternoon to bust out a move or two!


gravedodger said...

Parental guidance required, content will offend???

Keeping Stock said...

Quite so GD, hence the warning!

Quintin Hogg said...

My 8 year old got the joke immediately.

Keeping Stock said...

Did it take a little longer for you QH?

But it's no joke the amount of your tax money and mine that the Labour Twerkers are promising to shower around on everyone except those who earn it.

Quintin Hogg said...

Nope, I was wiping up floor coz I spilt my coffee laughing.