Friday, September 13, 2013

Where is the outrage?

A big farm in the South Island has been sold to overseas buyers. In fact "big" is something of an understatement with regard to this farm; it's actually bigger in area than Christchurch; the Herald reports:

One of New Zealand's biggest farms, described as being the size of Christchurch, has been sold to a North American investment group for an undisclosed sum.
The Overseas Investment Office has just given approval for the sale of Mt Pember station in the Lees Valley, about 85km north-west of Christchurch.
It is a massive 27,242 hectare (66,700 acre) property believed to be capable of carrying almost 53,000 stock units.
The farm was owned by John and Bernice Ramsey who have other farming interests in the North Island, and is an amalgamation of seven runs and stations - encompassing Mt Pember, Wharfedale, Kingsdown, De Bourbles, Island Hills, Snowdale and Okuku Hills.
Mt Pember was bought by the North American investment group's New Zealand-registered company Lees Valley Station LLC.
The property will be managed by Grasslands NZ LLC, a ranch and farm management/consulting company and will continue to be operated as a large scale diversified grazing operation, with a focus on dairy support, sheep, and beef.
In addition to the land and buildings, Lees Valley Station LLC has also bought all livestock and plant equipment for an undisclosed sum. Mt Pember has previously carried in the region of 28,323 sheep stock units, 20,413 cattle stock units and 5052 deer stock units.
Broker Ben Turner of Bayleys Canterbury said the sale, officially settled on September 6, included 11 three-bedroom and four-bedroom homes, as well as five shearing sheds, numerous hay barns and storage sheds, several sets of cattle yards and sheep yards, workshops, and other farm support buildings.
"This sale is an excellent result for both the vendor and the purchaser, and underscores the long-term value of New Zealand's primary production sectors," Mr Turner said.

Interestingly, this single farm is also bigger in area than those properties referred to in combination as the Crafar Farms, and regular readers will be only too aware of the outrage that sale caused, especially amongst the Labour and Green parties.

But they have been strangely silent over the sale of Mt Pember Station. Surely that wouldn't be because the sale of the farm was to North Americans, would it?

To his credit, Winston Peters has put out a statement opposing the OIO's decison to approve the sale. For all his faults, Mr Peters is at least consistent in his opposition to land sales to overseas buyers, regardless of race or origin. But the silence of Labour and the Greens is deafening, and leaves them wide open to accusations of xenophobia.

Chalk that one up; the Labour Party and the Greens are even more xenophobic than Winston Peters and New Zealand First. Who'd have ever thunk it?


gravedodger said...

I dont see Richon Station in that list, maybe Robbie is still there

Edward the Confessor said...

You're a bit confused. Are North American's not foreigners? If they are then NZ First are the xenophobes, and you're implying racism (but too afraid to say it outright) on the part of Labour and the Greens.

Whereas the sale off of New Zealand to all comers and the reducing of NZers to mere tenants is now National Party dogma, which you therefore think is fantastic.

Keeping Stock said...

Show me the bit where I said that the sale was good Edward; you're making stuff up again.

The problem here is that Labour and the Greens jumped up and down about the sale of the Crafar farms to Chinese buyers, but are silent on this sale. Either they oppose sales to foreigners, or they don't. Or are ones that look like us OK, but ones that don't not so flash? It's a clear case of selective morality from your mates.

For all his faults, at least Peters is consistent.

Edward the Confessor said...

Surely the problem here is the OI Act; you know, the actual substantive issue, as opposed to your aching need to score cheap political points. What should the government (that's your mob) do?

Keeping Stock said...

I don't disagree Edward. Perhaps there needs to be cross-party consensus about reforming the OIO, which of course was established by Labour in 2005 to replace the Overseas Investment Commission; nothing to do with Helen Clark and her mate Shania, of course ;-)

gravedodger said...

I wonder how many citizens have been there let alone know where it is.

Should a big Dairy farm production establish there, two outcomes will eventuate to benefit another remote access.

To remove the milk by tankers will require a substantial upgrade of the gorge road and for security the eastern access will need serious upgrading including a bridge over the Okuku River. Either or both will be in the millions.

Edward the Confessor said...

Key's been in charge for 5 years now. He appears "relaxed" with the mass sell off of New Zealand land to all comers, thus reducing New Zealanders to mere tenants. In fact it's worse than that; the farms are sold to foreigners who then employ foreigners to run and work on them. What aspiration for New Zealanders the Nats have.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Judge Edward on this one.

Paranormal said...

The problem ETC, will continue whilst we as a nation spend more than we earn. That we have to sell off the silverware to maintain our standard of living comes as a surprise to the economically befuddled on the left (yes that's you ETC) is no surprise at all.

Bruce Pedersen said...

If it helps at all,I'm outraged.
Bruce Pedersen

Anonymous said...

the Citizens Initiated Referendum over asset sales will take place in late November and early December this year.
The referendum will ask whether New Zealanders support the Government's sale of up to 49 per cent of Meridian, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand.

One may note that it is It is not binding on the Government.

"It will be interesting to see what the results look like", says Mr Key.

Meanwhile,The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has approved the application by a Singaporean investment management company to buy half the shares of New Zealand Pastures Limited, a locally-owned company that operates seven South Island sheep and beef farms.
The seven farms cover almost 23,500 hectares.
Singapore company Duxton Asset Management is buying the shares on behalf of itself and two other overseas investment funds.
It's the second big overseas investment in South Island farmland approved in recent months.
In September, one of New Zealand's biggest farming operations, Mt Pember Station in Canterbury's Lees Valley, was sold to a North American investment group.
Mt Pember is an amalgamation of seven runs and farms, totalling more than 27,000 hectares.

Last week, the winners of 'The Block'won, with an end bid on their house for $1.126 million, made once again by an overseas buyer, through Bayleys agent Sam Yeung. The winners say they think the other homes on the TV3 series were "an absolute steal'' selling at auction in the high $900k.

While Maori fought hard to keep their land, Pakeha seems all too eager to part with his. In fact, he seems caught up in a mad frenzy, desperately scratching around to find whatever he can to sell off to the highest bidder.
One wonders if he would sell his soul if he could.....but perhaps he already has.

I'm reminded of a famous American Indian quote.

'When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.'

Anonymous said...

Mt pember was actually paid for by a bulgarian invester and these americans are there to run it, they gauranteed everyone there jobs and then layed everyone off once the sale had gone through, i hope john ramsey rots in hell for selling it to them, he ran the place into the ground and had the spca all over him for the state of his stock by the time he left