Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where was the proof-reading?

Oh dear; the Herald on Sunday highlights a wee wardrobe malfunction for the All Blacks last night:

Springboks fans ridicule sponsor for spelling error on jerseys
Dan Carter tweeted this picture of the error on his jersey before the match.
Adidas recalled the All Blacks' playing jerseys last night after an embarrassing error saw the word "Arfica" misspelt on the players' kit.
Star first five Dan Carter tweeted a picture of the misspelt word, drawing ridicule from Springbok fans.
In a statement, an adidas spokeswoman said the firm accepted responsibility for the mistake.
"Adidas New Zealand have become aware that the All Blacks jerseys for the test versus South Africa have an embroidered spelling error.
"The players' jerseys are being collected after the game to have the error rectified. Adidas apologises to the players for any inconvenience."

Whoops. But perhaps that's what Bismarck du Plessis was aiming for when he flattened Daniel Carter in a thumping offside-but-otherwise-legal tackle. Maybe adidas should apologise to Dan Carter as well!

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