Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Because we can...

This post is published for no other reason than because we can.

The current date and time is 9:10 am on 11/12/13

Perhaps Mykuhl, our resident statistician and mathematician will tell us the next time that this particular phenomenon will occur.


James Stephenson said...

Do we get another post at 13:12?

alwyn said...

For those exact numbers, including the AM it will of course be exactly 100 years.
We can however do it after 12 hours when it will be 9:10 PM on 11/12/13. Not long to wait at all.
Since you have no month numbers after 12 I guess the next time we will have a sequence with steps of 1 it will be 00.01 AM on 02/03/04 (2104) that is.

Mykuhl said...

Perhaps 1:23 on 4/5/67?