Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A record month and a record year

Last December, blog readership dropped off markedly for the month, especially in Christmas week. And although Christmas Day 2013 was our quietest day of the year (as it should be!), December 2013 was an exceptionally busy month for blog traffic.

How busy? With 26,574 unique visitors, it was our busiest month ever, surpassing October, when we had 26,400 visits. And in terms of page views, we totalled 40,054; the fifth consecutive month where page views topped 40,000. Here are the numbers:

And it was far and away our busiest year ever, especially the latter part of it. We had 270,561 visits over the course of 2013, and 416,771 page views. Given that we installed Sitemeter in December 2007, so it now has six years of data, the last year has been our busiest by a disproportionate margin.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these numbers. We're not content with treading water though, and we want to continue to increase both our reach and the diversity of our content. But that's the subject of another post; stay tuned!


Ozy Madnias said...

google ads!!!! start earning some money for your hardwork.

Keeping Stock said...

I'm tempted Ozy, but I don't want to be hostage to the almighty dollar :)

nellie said...

All the more reason not to 'ease off' IV2. You are having an impact. Good on you for looking for people to help out. All the best for 2014..

fredinthegrass said...

Go on KS - if the Great - but now lesser due to fantastic weight loss!! - Farrar can you can,
google ads that is. You owe it to yourself, if not the Lady Navigator. And we won't think any the less of you.
In the meantime may your dreams and aspirations come to fruition in 2014.
Thanks for a thought provoking and absorbing year.

Lofty said...

Well done KS...I have been a fairly lax in commenting on your site lately and I apologise for that, but I place the blog high on my daily visits.
I wish you and yours a profitable and adventurous year.

Personally I feel confident from our business perspective moving into 2014..
I wish the watermelons potential coalition nothing but bad luck for the new year, and the next 500 years.
Cheers mate.