Friday, January 10, 2014

"Honest Guv; I saved it up..."

Stuff has the story of an early candidate for the least plausible excuse of the year; check this out, with our emphasis added:

Police found drugs, cash and scales when they raided a New Plymouth couple's home and disturbed them in bed.
Chelsea Ann Cave, 25, and Reece William Maxwell, 28, both pleaded guilty in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday to possession of methamphetamine and cannabis for supply.
Cave can now be named after interim name suppression given to her on her first appearance last month lapsed.
Police found drugs, electronic scales, tick lists and $7300 in cash at the Davies Rd home last month when they searched it, arriving just before 8am.
The search found 18.5g of cannabis head in plastic bags, along with a check list with names and amounts owing.
In the main bedroom, another tick list was found in a drawer with names and amounts owed, along with the amounts of methamphetamine purchased.
A satchel bag in the couple's bed contained $7000 and another $300 was in Maxwell's wallet.
In a metal tin were two plastic point bags, one containing 1.6g and the other 1g of crystal methamphetamine.
When interviewed, Maxwell said all the drugs were his and the meth was for his own use. He was not selling the drug. He said he saved the $7000 from his benefit over eight months.
He used meth and smoked about half a gram a day. However, he could not explain how he could afford to keep up the habit, the summary says. 

There are two possibilities here. Either benefit levels are too high, if a bloke can save $7000 in eight months, whilst maintaining a methamphetamine habit. The other possibility is that Reece William Maxwell was telling porkies to the police who interviewed him.

Which one do you think it was?

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