Friday, January 10, 2014

Introducing Saw Jaws

Our stable of contributors is growing by the day, and it is our pleasure to introduce you to Saw Jaws, our newest blogger. Saw Jaws is still mastering Blogger, so we'll do the introduction:

Saw Jaws is new to the world of blogging, but not too old to join the realm of reading and enjoying them. I sit on the right, and in the world of required standards of behaviour. I have expectations of those I deal with and they should have similar standards too. 

I love sport of any form and anything to do with motorsport is even better. 

I think we need to invest in the children of our country and ensure they understand the future they have in front of them is no guarantee of success. That has to be earned by working hard and learning how they to can contribute in a positive manner to society. 

I am a bit opinionated and love nothing better that a good honest debate on just about anything. My literary skills do not reach to dizzy heights of the knowledgeable and skilled  KS [Aw, shucks: KS ], but I hope that what I contribute may cause you to stop, consider, think and at least have an opinion. Without thoughts and opinions that we are prepared to share, our society would be voiceless and devoid of direction. 

We're delighted to welcome Saw Jaws to the Keeping Stock stable, and his first post isn't far away. It's written with his petrolhead heart on his sleeve! We're sure that you will make him welcome, and enjoy his contributions.


Ciaron said...

Yes, we need more sport... I am most disappointed with the lack of output from your golf correspondent KS, do not fail me again! :)

Keeping Stock said...

Go easy on Teletext; his knowledge of golf is such that when he has something to say, it's worth reading.

And I hope you enjoy Saw Jaws' contributions as well.

Ciaron said...

More Motorsport, more golf, more, more, More!