Thursday, January 2, 2014

Public service blogging

Are you a landlord in Christchurch? You might want to watch this. Here's the text of the TVNZ story:

A Christchurch New Year's Eve party at which police were belted with bottles was attended by "too many drunk idiots", one of the party-goers says.
Up to 200 people were at a house on Frankleigh Street, Spreydon when police in riot gear closed down the party around 11.30pm - almost 12 hours after the party began.
Police said the occupier of the house had called for help after most of the windows in the house had been smashed by party goers.
Two arrests were made for disorderly assembly. Around a dozen calls had been made to police about the disorder at the address.
Police said they had been warned there was a "high potential" for missiles to be thrown at them. No police staff were hurt.
There was blood on the driveway when ONE News visited the house today, along with empty cans and broken bottles.
One of the party-goers said there had been "chaos" the night before.
He said there were "too many people and too many drunk idiots," he said.
The man who co-hosted the party said he took no responsibility for what happened.
He blamed messages being circulated on Facebook.

The man "who co-hosted the party", and who "took no responsibility" for what took place in the house he tenants is one Hemi Carstairs. He was identified on the TVNZ video coverage. He also admitted to having "gapped it" when the Police arrived in response to complaints from neighbours, many of whom were elderly. The Urban Dictionary defines "gap it" as "to leave the seen of a crime or place"

And on the TVNZ interview, you will see Mr Carstairs say that he wanted to party on, despite the flat he is renting having been trashed, with broken windows and abundant graffiti. 

If you DO own rental properties in Christchurch, we would urge caution in dealing with Mr Carstairs if you value your investment. He may well come to regret his somewhat staunch television appearance last night, and his 15 minutes of fame may actually be counter-productive in the long term.

UPDATE: Stuff adds another name for landlords to be careful of:

Taylor Te Kata, 17, lives with his friend in the house, which is owned by his father. He does not plan to apologise to the neighbours as he would rather "leave it be".
He said he did not like his neighbours because of "the way they talk and what they do".
Te Kata said his father knew about the party and was "not too fussed". Te Kata said he did not plan to hold any more parties as he was leaving for Australia in a few weeks.


Barry said...

"...leaving for Australia in a few weeks"

He's one of the kinds of NZers who caused Australia to change the rules in 2001, I suppose.

Keeping Stock said...

Quite likely Barry. He's welcome to take his FTW attitude with him.