Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tweet of the Day - 8 January 2014

We just spotted this on Twitter:

It is indeed cold in the United States at the moment, but we certainly hadn't expected Hell to freeze over. But it's also so cold in Chicago that a polar bear has had to be moved inside; Stuff reports:

It's even too cold for Chicago's resident polar bear.
The city's Lincoln Park Zoo says its polar bear, Anana, was kept inside because of the record-low temperatures.
Zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar says that while the below-zero weather might be comparable to what polar bears experience in the wild, Anana doesn't have a thick layer of fat that bears typically get from eating things such as seals and whale carcasses.
That extra insulation would make it uncomfortable to live in Chicago during the rest of the year, so Anana gets a different diet.
While she stayed inside, Anana lounged in her comparatively balmy indoor climate that's kept at single digits. 

By the way; has anyone heard whether the Russian and Chinese ships have broken free of the summer-time sea ice in Antarctica yet?

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muzza3 said...

Yes , freed , damit , was having a great laugh over it.Heading north apparently