Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another sad pitbull story

We have no time for dangerous dogs. This view was strengthened by having witnessed a pitbull attack an elderly man several years ago.

So this story is today's Dom-Post left us with a heavy heart:

A pitbull freed from the Napier dog pound after a community fundraising campaign has mauled a dog to death within days of being liberated.
Dante, a 2-year-old red-nose pitbull, was caught by animal control officers late last month and was due to be put down on Monday, March 10.
His owner, Teressa Kati, 23, could not afford the $532.30 Napier City Council wanted for unpaid registration fees and desexing fees, so she took to Facebook to see if anyone would pay the fees and make him their own.
In a local newspaper article on March 14, she described Dante as "an absolute honey" who loved being cuddled and playing with her two kids, Fury-James, 4, and Lahtezia-Lust, 5.
Instead of offering Dante a new home, people donated money - enough for Ms Kati to pay the fees.
Dante went to her sister's house in the Napier suburb of Maraenui and was put on a run in the back lawn, where another dog, a 7-month-old shar pei named Terror, was on a chain.
Dante got off his run on Thursday night and mauled Terror to death.

This story is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, why bring a dangerous dog into a home where you have two young children? That's asking for trouble. And why have a dog if you have to resort to begging to pay the legal costs of ownership?

But wait; it gets worse:

Terror's owner said his children witnessed the attack, which left the lawn covered in blood.
The man said he agreed to look after Dante because Ms Kati already had a dog at her Housing New Zealand house and was not allowed another there.
"I was next door. By the time I got there, it was over.
"I watched my dog die and he [Dante] still wouldn't let go. He was trying to rip his head off. There was nothing I could do. I watched him have his last breath. To make it worse, my kids saw it all."
He said the children were "hysterical".
"My backyard is full of blood. My missus doesn't want to go out there. Dante shouldn't have been allowed out of the pound."
Animal control officer Dwayne McOnie said he found a "horrific, bloody scene" when called to the property shortly after 5pm. Dante was known to be aggressive, and his owner had been spoken to in the past.
He was seized on February 23 because he was not registered, had not been desexed within the required time, and was not microchipped.
Terror's body has been seized as evidence, pending a council decision on whether to prosecute Ms Kati. Dante is back in the pound in the meantime.

OK; so Teresa Kati already had a dog; we wonder what breed the other dog is. We wonder if her children Fury-James, 4, and Lahtezia-Lust, 5, go without so that she can feed the dogs. If ever there was a household where a discrete enquiry from CYFS into the wellbeing of the children was justified, it is this one.

And to those misguided souls who bought Ms Kati's sob-story about this dog, more fools them. If someone has to go on social media to beg for money to meet the legal requirements of owning a dog, then they shouldn't own the dog. Owning pets comes at a cost, and if you cannot afford it, don't do it.

We hope the Napier Council throws the book at Teresa Kati. She should just be grateful that it was only another dog that Dante killed, and not one of her children. 

We make no apologies for the tenor of this post. If you had seen and heard the carnage that we did during and after the dog attack several years ago, you'd likely as not feel the same. Pitbulls are bred for one thing only, and it's not the lazy life of a loving pet.


gravedodger said...

Not wanting to trivialise such an horrific event, when your header came up as an alert I thought it was Mallards ill judged outburst on the PGF funding model.
Fully concur with your abhorrence, well stated.

We have an excitable miniature Poodle that can be nippy around strangers and a summary execution is a constant potential.
That said the behavior of most children around all dogs is to me positively appalling, they have personal space and territorial instincts that although no excuse for what you addressed above, can be a major trigger to many dog attacks reported as unprovoked.

Anonymous said...

This just confirms my belief that Facebook attracts and captivates fools.

This is what you get Donnie said...

Erm, am I the only one who reads the names of the dogs (Dante & Terror) and the children (Fury & Lust) and thinks that the script for this was written long before the two dogs got introduced to eachother??

Keeping Stock said...

@ Donnie - in a word, no. This was a tragedy waiting to happen. Let's just be glad that it wasn't one of the children who was torn apart limb from limb.

Loyal Pav said...

I am shocked at the horror of the attack especially having the children watch it all!!. I agree with all in this article, well written. I'm not surprised, No amount of 'LOVE' can get rid of a defective gene!! And that is what these dogs have!! The red nose pit bull that did an unprovoked attack on my dog just a metre from home was put down a few days after the event. End of their problems! For us, we went through hell for 5 months with both physical and emotional healing and in the end we had to have our dog put down because the experience made her a very reactive dangerous dog herself, she was not even half that dog's size! Still breaks my heart.
Throw the book at that owner and for heavens sake take the other dog away too!! make her pay back ALL the money people donated! The paper last week said NOTHING about her having others dogs! Deception all around!

solja said...

You pitbull haters van go fuck your self yous don't know shit first of all my kids did not watch it all fyi terror and dante was best of mates I had dante for a year in a half not teressa yup it her dog but I was his reg owner and her 2 kids where near it they was at there papas so fuck knows where that store came from yup be for you ask I'm terrors owner my partner as it says a above (his) was drunk at the time..... now I'm going to tell my side of the store dante was raised with all my 3 dogs over the last 2 years and he was not evil he was play full and what not he would not hurt a child.... I got terror just be for xmas he was dante best mate they sleep et and played to gether but when dante was picked up cause he wasn't desexed and reg by the Pound and when he was desexed and returned to me 2 days later I was happy to have him home as my boy terror was getting lonely but only then did I see some change nathing threatening just not barking when people come up my drive way but on the 20th of march he managed to get of his run and killed terror but my kids did not watch it I removed them from the seen and rung there dad and the cops and I rung the cops at 4.30 and the Pound didn't turn up till 5 so be for you start judging people get the facts first

solja said...

Not to mention desexing dante had side affects which they did not mention to me or my sister so go on with your self people just see pitbulls as bad dogs not the case at all.....

FYI and dog is a dog and yup I'm trying to save my boy from death row

solja said...

My kids did not watch it FYI I'm not teressa and dante was living with me mihiora so get all the facts kai ora

Keeping Stock said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm only reporting what I saw reported in the press. I've had my own experience with a pit bull, and it's not something I ever want to see again.

solja said...

Yer well for a starter teressa didn't have another dog I did had dante knew terror and it wasn't her kids that saw it it was mine