Friday, June 13, 2014

Wally of the Week - 13 June 2014

It's Friday the 13th. There's also a full moon tonight, so if you're in one of those jobs that is affected by people's moods, be careful out there.

There was an obvious contender for Wally of the Week this week; Trevor Mallard. We had to drive down to Wellington on Monday afternoon, and driving home, we heard Mallard and Paula Bennett together on Duncan Garner's RadioLive programme.

Trevor Mallard last week accused Hekia Parata of assaulting a staff member. Have a listen to this piece, as Mallard dances on the head of a pin, trying his damnedest NOT to make the accusation outside Parliament, without withdrawing the allegation; it's classic Mallard smear tactics:

Towards the end of the segment, Paula Bennett and Duncan Garner were double-teaming Trevor Mallard, accusing him of being "gutless". Perhaps Mr Mallard's reluctance is due in some way to the mysterious "American bagman" who was allegedly collecting donations for Don Brash. Nine years on, the "American bagman" continues to prove elusive.

But Garner is right; making allegations under parliamentary privilege that you aren't prepared to repeat outside the House is a bit gutless, and Trevor Mallard was right ridiculed this week.

Congratulations Trevor; you are Keeping Stock's Wally of the Week.

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pdm said...

When will Mallard denounce the German criminal bagman for buying the Mana Party??

Not only a Wally but true to form and a Hypcrite as well.