Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whatever happened to Tamati's tweet?

We blogged on Wednesday about a rather unfortunate tweet from Tamati Coffey. The former TVNZ presenter and Labour candidate for Rotorua had made a rather unflattering reference to "Tory scum". Here's the tweet in question:

It's just as well that we took a screenshot, because it seems to have disappeared from Mr Coffey's Twitter feed; Whaleoil reports:

What page doesn’t exist?
That was the Tamati Coffey tweet where he found it was lovely to talk about Tory scum.

We've got some advice for Tamati, if he'd like to listen to it. If you make a cock-up (which as a first-time candidate, you may well do) own up to it and apologise, then move on.

But pulling the offending tweet without any acknowledgment and pretending it didn't happen is NOT the way to go. People already have a low enough opinion of politicians, and even former television personalities who aspire to be politicians. They don't need any excuse to diss them, so don't give them ammunition.

Social media can be a very useful tool for politicians or aspiring MP's to connect with their followers. But it can also turn to custard very quickly. Builders have an old saying; "Measure twice, cut once". 

We reckon the same logic should be applied by politicians to their social media engagement; type it out and read it, then read it again before hitting the "tweet" button. It might save some embarrassment later in the piece from future SMOG's (Social Media Own Goals). 


Rex said...

You're the blogosphere's version of an officious hall monitor, aren't you?

Keeping Stock said...

So you don't have a problem with political candidates sending offensive tweets then Rex? Would it be acceptable if, for example, a would-be National MP was to refer to "Commie scum"

You're good at dishing it out Rex, but you're not so good at taking it. Harden up sunshine.

missy said...

This is not a good look for Tamati Coffey, as Matthew Beveridge says it isn't the crime, it's the cover up. Jan Logie has shown that by owning an irresponsible or offensive tweet and apologising and acknowledging it was wrong gains a lot of respect and it is soon forgotten. I would like to say Tamati has lost my respect due to this action, but to do that he would have had to have had my respect in the first place, so all this does is convince me that the public Tamati is not who he really is, but rather a carefully crafted public image.

jabba said...

looks like Tamati will be a dead loss as an MP .. if he makes it of course

gravedodger said...

As a media/technology experienced person, Coffee has with that one mistake and the ludicrous attempt to remove the evidence made a great case for his unfitness to be any sort of MP.

Lofty said...

I am struggling to lose a respect I never had in the first place.
Tamati is a junior lightweight with no credibility or skills in the political arena.

Tamati..go back and read the weather badly, something you are good at.

I will wave to you and your "mate" as I troll for trout, passed your wee humble & honest workers cottage.

Solidarity brother

Rex said...

Thanks for the tacit admission that, by your standards, Judith COllins isn't fit to be an MP. In actual fact, her juvenile behaviour on Twitter is the least of her issues, but if that's what it takes for you guys to see sense...

Keeping Stock said...

And thank you for proving my point. Judith Collins made a silly allegation against Katie Bradford which she later admitted was wrong, and apologised for. Coffey makes a slur, which when called on he deletes, and pretends it never happened.

Even a partisan hack like you should be able to see the difference there Rex.

Rex said...

The PM forced her to apologise and delete her Twitter account. She still sent the offensive tweet and plenty of others - and her one made specific false accusations against a named individual so was far worse. Even a partisan hack like you should be able to see the difference.

The weird thing is you guys think sending a mildly provocative Tweet and then deleting it is a hanging offence, while corruption and cash for access is just fine.