Thursday, July 17, 2014

More good news on jobs

There's more good news on the jobs front this morning; the Dom-Post reports:

The number of jobs advertised online is growing across most industry groups and occupations, government figures show.
The latest Jobs Online report from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) said skilled vacancies rose by 2.5 per cent in June, while all vacancies increased by 1.7 per cent compared with the month before.
Over the past year, skilled vacancies advertised online increased by 16.5 per cent, while all vacancies increased by 17.2 per cent, MBIE said.
The biggest increases in skilled vacancies in June were in the construction and engineering industries, up 7.4 per cent, and the hospitality and tourism sector, up 1.4 per cent.
Over the year to June, vacancies in these industries have increased by 40.2 per cent and 27.6 per cent respectively.
The only industry to show a decrease in advertised jobs in June was the healthcare and medical sector, with vacancies down 0.4 per cent compared with the month before.
Skilled vacancies increased across all occupation groups in June, with the strongest increase shown for managers, up 2.4 per cent, and professionals, up 2.3 per cent.
The report showed the number of skilled vacancies increased in all regions in June as well over the year.
The biggest monthly regional increase was in the Auckland region, up 2.9 per cent, followed by the South Island (excluding Canterbury), which was up 1.8 per cent.
Over the year, the biggest increase was in the South Island (excluding Canterbury), up 26.1 per cent, followed by Auckland and Canterbury, which were up by 17.5 per cent and 14.6 per cent respectively. 

These are impressive figures, and confirm the finding of the Household Labour Force Survey for the March quarter which showed the Labour Force Participation Rate at its highest ever level.

The next HLFS is due out in early August, and there is likely to be a further fall in unemployment. That is further evidence that the economy is growing, employers are hiring, and that Bill English's conservative financial stewardship has steered New Zealand in the right direction. It's little wonder then that around two thirds of those surveyed in the two most recent polls are optimistic about New Zealand's future.


Angry Tory said...

Bill English's conservative financial stewardship

Michael Cullen was conservative. NZ Nett debt paid down to zero.

Bill English BORROWED SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS. Every man woman and child is in debt by another fifteen thousand dollars. Thanks Bill.

Imagine what NZ would be like now if Ruth (or even Roger) had been Minister of Finance during the 2008 term. No benefits. No DPB, No Super.
User pays schools & hospitals. Actual conservative policies! Two "once in a generation" events squandered completely --- and sixty billion borrowed for bludgers. Every one of Helen Clark's welfare policies kept and made more generous.

Call English what you like: Keynesian, Socialist, Profligate (I prefer Kathryn Ryan's term: Communist). But you can't call him conservative.

POY said...

Yeah and by doing that he'd last half a term, Angry Tory.

You have some points yes, but you gotta wean people off the tit. Except now National are used to being in power so spend up large.