Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What has Andrew Williams done to upset Winston?

The release of the New Zealand First party list is imminent. But somehow, Stuff has seen a copy of the draft list, and it's fair to say there will be some unhappy campers with one in particular; check this out:

NZ First MP Andrew Williams is set to be dumped to a seemingly unelectable position on the party list, and former MP Ron Mark is set to rejoin the party ahead of the general election. 
Stuff understands a draft copy of the NZ First list, determined by the party's selection committee last weekend, has Williams ranked at 13 and Mark at 9.
The draft list is understood to have MP Richard Prosser ranked at No 3.
Prosser became infamous in 2013 for writing in his regular column in Investigate magazine, that all young Muslim men - or those who "look" Muslim - should be barred from flying on Western airlines. The rights of New Zealanders were being "denigrated by a sorry pack of misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan", Prosser wrote. He later apologised for the comments.
NZ First leader Winston Peters was ranked at No 1, and deputy leader Tracey Martin was at No 2 automatically under the party's constitution.
Prosser would not confirm his ranking, saying there would be an official announcement in the next couple of days.
Williams was No 3 on the party list at the 2011 election.
NZ First would need to get more than 10 per cent of the vote on election night for Williams to return to Parliament. 

Andrew Williams' political career looks to be toast. That's a shame, because he has been one of NZF's less controversial MP's over the term of the 50th Parliament. He hasn't dissed an entire religious group, he hasn't ranted on Twitter, and he hasn't been investigated over his use of Parliamentary Services money. He hasn't even been sighted late at night, watering the capital's many trees!

Mr Williams is a little put out, as well he may be; read on:

Williams said his ranking on the list came as "a bolt out of the blue".
"I think most people would agree around Parliament I've been a pretty able MP," he said.
"I've performed for the party, I've done a lot of hard work for the party and I've represented the party as well as I could."
The ranking was no reflection of his ability or contribution, but attributable to internal party politics, Williams said.
"I've had the most portfolios of any MP. I've had 11, plus I've been an associate to Winston on foreign affairs, trade, SOEs and finance," he said.
"So I've had a very heavy workload, and the portfolios I've had have been pretty solid ones, like local government, veterans' affairs, conservation, environment, energy; all of which I've been solidly batting on."
Williams said he would like to know what the selection committee's criteria were for selecting the top 10 candidates for the party.
He had sought an explanation for the drop but had not received a response. 

In reality, the only person who matters when NZ First's list is selected is Winston Peters. For many years, the party has affectionately been referred to as Winston First, and for good reason. Nothing happens in Winston First without the party leader's seal of approval.

So clearly Andrew Williams has upset Mr Peters in a pretty significant manner. How else can one explain being ranked BELOW  Asenati Lole-Taylor on the party list?! Can anyone help elucidate us all?


Quintin Hogg said...

Two words.
"Challenged him"

Keeping Stock said...

You could well be right QH...

Rodders said...

Better off without him...

pdm said...

I know, I know, I know.

There were 3 fingers of whisky left in the bottle and Andrew drank it all without offering Winston any!!!

Rodders said...

According to stuff, "the party's other current MP Asenati Lole-Taylor is set to be relegated to No 17."

Shame. She made me laugh a lot (unintentionally of course.)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"Arsenasty,' as she is affectionately known, makes Alemain Kopu look like Prime Minister material.

Nick K said...

I was at a political forum tonight right in the heart of Williams country and he was invited. The TV was there, as were all parties including some leaders, but Williams didn't turn up. Just did a no show.

Rodders said...

Now Williams is saying that Tracey Martin and her mum have it in for him.

Williams should should grab his morning newspaper and head to the jobs section. "Sits Vacant" is an apt description of him.

J Bloggs said...

Having been given the big finger by NZF, AW just gave one back to the party with the no show.

He's obviously decided "Screw you, I'm going home"

Rodders said...

On a lighter note, Asenati Lole-Taylor's doesn't know when to give up.

This morning she tweeted "Waimakariri is monitoring their swimming pool every 3 hours, checking for perverts tools."

Where does Winston find them?

Blair said...

WTF?! Williams is scum. Why is anybody acting like they are sorry to see him go? Good riddance!

Peter Carrell said...

But isn't the real story here how Stuff obtained the list? Is no party beyond the reach of Mr Hacker? Surely there must be some kind of outcry from political leaders about the skulduggery involved in this list coming into the public domain?

Keeping Stock said...

You raise a very good point Peter...

Rodders said...

What is the latest date for NZ First to publish their party list? Should be good for a laugh.

Unknown said...

Come back - We are missing your measured insights and opinions about all things and especially matters political. Please go and read the final paragraph of David Farrar's post at 10.00am today (10 September). This says it all - the right needs to be heard and seen and you represent the opinions of many who are unable to express them as clearly and succinctly as you can.

Keeping Stock said...

Thanks for that Ian. I've seen DPF's post, and it's food for thought.

Ross said...

KS, if you are stopping the blog completely as it currently seems, can I take this opportunity to thank you for the blog over the past few years.

I have read your blog daily for the past 3 years or so, and appreciated your insights, comments and wisdom.

On occasion I have even commented.

Thank you for all the effort you have put in, and best wishes in whatever you are doing now.


J Bloggs said...

I'd just like to second both Ross & Ian's comments. And I'd love to see you return to blogging here (Especially interested to know what you think of Arsenal taking Danny Welbeck of Man Utd.s hands)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree here

This blog was / is my first port of call each day - really missing your input

Andy M said...

Hi KS, I've been wondering for a while why you've been a bit quiet on your blog and on Twitter. If you're just taking a break, I hope you're having a refreshing time and look forward to seeing you online again soon. If it's a more permanent move, I'm sorry to see you go but I wish you all the best for whatever you're up to next!
Cheers, Andy

Anonymous said...

Where are you, KS?

Please come back?
Don't let Hager scare you off!!
Miss your fun and erudite posts!!
You are missing out on posting on the election as well! Best wishes! Thanks for the past reading.


nellie said...

Me too..

Keeping Stock said...

Thanks for your kind words folks. At present, I am enjoying life, free of the demands of blogging, and free of the abuse that used to flow freely in comments which never made it past moderation; and believe me, they were frequent, and vitriolic.

Whether or not I will eventually emerge from this happy place has still to be decided. Sadly, an act of theft and hacking has changed the blogging landscape forever.