Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dedicated to the cause

Hamish Walker is the National Party candidate for Dunedin South. He'll be going up against Labour MP Clare Curran, who doesn't have the comfort of the party list to fall back on.

And Hamish Walker has shown just how dedicated he is to the cause; Ele from Homepaddock reports:

Hamish Walker, National’s candidate in Dunedin South received one of those Ice Challenges and accepted it with a twist.
He chose to do it by total immersion in the sea at St Clair,wearing a kilt, with the support of some Young Nats and the accompaniment of the bagpipes.

Can't say THANK YOU enough to John BP, Katy H & Liz B who were stupid enough to join me this morning for the Ice Challenge- what commitment to the National Party!

It goes to show there’s no sea cold enough to stop the pursuit of party votes for National and #TeamKey who are seeking #3moreyears.
You can see it on video here - while you’re there you could like his Facebook page too.

You've got to have a reasonably tough hide to jump into the sea off Dunedin at the best of times. But to do it in the middle of winter, clad in a kilt and the the accompaniment of bagpipes is not only fitting for the Edinburgh of the South, but a rare old show of dedication.

Dunedin South is traditionally a Labour stronghold. Clare Curran had a majority of just over 4000 votes in 2011. Significantly though, National won the party vote in Dunedin South which was a fantastic effort. If there is to be an upset, who better to deliver it than a Dunedin-born, kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing lad by the name of Hamish, totally dedicated to the cause?

Best of luck Hamish Walker. Here's hoping there was a wee dram waiting to help you thaw out!

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homepaddock said...

As the song might say: aint no sea cold enough to stop the pursuit of party votes.